BDO’s Widespread Info Issues

Black Desert Online (BDO) has been around since just before March 1st, 2016 and many sites have come and go from the scene like which gave us years of good BDO information but now just adds to the pile of outdated knowledge locatable online that just helps the confusion for new people.

Along with outdated sources there is also a culture of spreading false information in attempts to profit off of the gullible community or to hinder the progress of others. Trusting things in forums like reddit or even the official forums is always risky as the publisher enjoys keeping information from the user causing people to data mine events and other data. While it helps the general public knowing about the information data mined, people can adversely scam others until they can be disproven by the community.

Luckily, there are a few sources that give us endless help.

Femme’s Map / Horse Calculator / Trade Tools

Arguably one of the most useful tools in BDO from just locating nodes and NPCs but also finding fishing hotspots, grinding zones all the way to individual gather resources and more, it’s truly an amazing thing we’re given for free from Femme with no ads at all. Don’t forget to stop buy for it;s horse and trade calculators.

Femme’s BDO Map /

BDDatabase & BDOCodex

While BDDatabase was first, both sites are so similar that sometimes the hint or tip you want or need is on the other site. BDDatabase does have a nice boss timer, although it went over a month with the wrong time after a daylight savings time adjustment in-game.

Both sites are great for quest information and helping you find the questline you’re missing or help you unlock that last bit or knowledge for another energy point.

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